Saturday, July 02, 2005

adios 053

Barely finished with CESL Today Volume 58 (051), students have just created what amounts to volume 60, by finishing 053. They aren't rushing to publish, one could say; they are conservative, as international students tend to be, and rightly so, as publishing is forever, deep in the annals of weblogs as these things tend to end up. Forever is forever.

It's history; it's a picture of this era, it's our program, here and now. That's why I say, help them make it good. Make it look good, put pictures on it, make it worthwhile. Congratulations to Young, the poet; he's at least putting himself out there. More than some others, I think.

I have some ideas to stir up the pot a little...make things interesting...see you soon, and have a good holiday!


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