Wednesday, August 24, 2005

welcome back!

...spent a week in Las Cruces, New Mexico, visiting my family, many of whom are notable personalities in their own right. Baby Corey soaked it up, of course. Professionally I'm a bit behind, but I have a few comments to make:

-my reference to "convergence" (below) had nothing to do with the upcoming webheads conference, but the title may have been inspired by it indirectly...below, I'm just referring to a coincidence that occurred in my classroom. More about webheads and their conference later.

-I had so much going on with my class weblogs that I'm still sorting it out, but I mention some of it in cesl teachers' weblog, which is also sorely in need of attention.

-I have a few good things about life to point out & be thankful for: the new students seemed to have brought some semblance of "fall" to the weather; El Paso has a great airport; the return to school of certain children will at least keep them busy; CESL has a full and diverse set of incoming students; I may have more time to devote to the web; and, my family is basically healthy, happy, and growing, all in their own ways.


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