Saturday, September 10, 2005

This is your brain: This is your brain on weblogs!

The theme of a new round of presentations: the first will be Sun. Nov. 20, 7 AM (I hope) online, at the Bridges across Cyberspace Online Convergence referred to below. Why would I hope to present at 7am? It's complicated. This would actually be a good time, I figure, on the world time map.

The title above is actually my favorite, as it implies that weblogs sizzle, and they affect your mind, which they do. But most of my actual presentations will have more conservative titles: This is your class, this is your class on weblogs. This is your program: you get the picture. Maybe I'll get tired of it. For now, I'm liking it. I'm doing research on what individual people do with individual weblogs: personal patterns, that is. I find them very interesting. They're hard to keep up; hard to improve; hard to maintain, etc. And I'm sure not an expert. And, I'm here operating in my own native language, one I know and teach: I am really in awe of the ones people do that are in second languages... But I"ve found some pretty cool ones out there. More later on this.

I'm also working on a Living History Project (this could get complicated)...not to mention a number of other things. A busy time.


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