Thursday, August 09, 2007

articles from here & there

Cho, Jin-seo (2007, Aug. 3). Indians to teach English via Internet. The Korea Times.

Hill, H. (2007, May 15). Online learning. The Times Democrat, Orangeburg, SC.

Bodie, J. (1998). Teaching technology technique: Computers as teaching tools in postsecondary education. From the 1998 Archives of Black Issues in Higher Education, Diverse Issues in Higher Education online.

Anderson, N. (2007, May 11). File-swapping: As "the Man" says no, students say yes. Ars Technica.

Popular Mechanics. (2007, July). Microsoft Surface: Behind the scenes first look (with video). (new computer applications). (long-loading)

Mystery File. (2007, Aug. 4). The Second International Congress of Crime Writers, 1978.

SECOND LIFE (lest you thought):

Stuhldreher, K. (2007, July 30). Colleges bring learning to a virtual world. Philadelphia Inquirer. Linux Insider.

Haegele, K. (2007, July 15). Second Life literati create "book world". Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lamont, I. (2007, May 21). Harvard's virtual education experiment in Second Life. IDG, Computerworld blogs.

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