Tuesday, April 08, 2008

TESOL 2008

It's official:

Leverett, T. (2008). Teaching writing in online and paper worlds. Writing IS Demonstration, TESOL Convention, New York City, USA. April.

Leverett, T. (2008). Weblog portfolios in an intensive English program. eClassics, Internet Fair, TESOL Convention, NYC USA, April.

What can I say? The presentations went well. New York is crowded but I had a fantastic time. The site and hotels are not ideal for what TESOL does and is, but you can't beat the city for anything. Flying out, the plane circled over the Statue of Liberty, and I saw it all clearly down there in the harbor; also I visited my sister, who is making a fantastic CD. Back home, papers are piled up & I'm behind on everything. More later.

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