Friday, October 20, 2006

frost on the pumpkin

Organizing my thoughts. The weather has got me to pitching things I don't need, putting everything else where I can see it.

language models/language philosophy
language as a social contract
language learning analogies & the secretary
metaphors for language - cut across the lawn
fear of behaviorism
"utilitarianism" explained

language change
sound change (10-06)- northern cities vowel shift, hw/w, restrictions
models for language change, (3-06), best overview so far
language change

dialects & choice
bad grammar alley (10-06)- dialects, association, choice
apple's for sale (4-06)
student dialect
dialect variation part II
dialect variation and Missour-ah
people who say "we was"

vaguely related
connectivism (2-06)
language as a medium
Kotsoudas' principles
bilingualism & children
language learning and the musician's ear
the translation plateau
the familiarity hierarchy
words that start with vowels
the listening-writing connection

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