Saturday, November 27, 2004

virtual tour

Time to think about it! I have a good one. I'm wondering if it's ok to do a virtual tour of one's mind. I suppose, since you're sitting at a computer, all of them are! Mine will be of Carbondale though; I've been here for ten years; I don't know any other place better! I'm looking forward to the others! See you soon...

PS had a good turkey, which in our house includes cranberries, fresh pies, lots of good stuff. I hope everyone had a good break!

Friday, November 05, 2004

Music Assignments

Our whole program is doing music assignments, and this is good for me, because I love music of all kinds. But to be fair, I should only provide my favorite. I have several favorites....where should I start?

Most people know about my sister, Margot. Her band is called the Klezmer Mountain Boys and they are from New York City. The name is a kind of joke, because she's not a boy, and klezmer is eastern European Jewish wedding music, like Fiddler on the Roof, but the "mountain boys" idea implies bluegrass, a kind of country music. Actually you should try them out...I have included a picture and if you click on the song (hopefully), you'll hear it. I love you, Margot!

Hear them!


Hurd Brothers, RIP

This was a local band, until one night a few summers ago, when they died in a tragic traffic accident. I have always found the Hurd Brothers to be an honest and refreshing blues band; they reminded me of the Allman Brothers of my dark high school years. True to my heart. Check them out. Rest in peace, Douglas, Forrest, I'll never forget you...