Friday, March 28, 2008

When you get to the top of your field, you get to make up words, and let everyone wonder what you're talking about. Actually you can do this anyway, but it works best if you've already got a name for yourself. I've got to hand it to Diane Larsen-Freeman- I think Grammaring is perhaps the classic of all made-up words. She does a pretty good job of explaining what she means; nevertheless, I'm still stuck on the word itself. How can you make this word? Does this include verbing, nouning, articling, and adjectiving???

OK, I'll lay off. I actually admire her pluck, and as one who has freely banded around weblogging and various others, I can't deny that we have a natural right, as inheritors of the language, to do this. It's just that the word is, well earring, or getting stuck in my ear. Wait. I guess that one didn't work. :-)


Friday, March 21, 2008

Powerpoint test


CESL Powerpoint


Monday, March 17, 2008

caught in the trolling nets of research

Anderson, C. (2004, Oct.). The Long Tail. Wired 12.10. Accessed 3-08.

Scholz, T. (2008, March). Market ideology and the myths of web 2.0. First Monday 13, 3. Accessed 3-08.

Limberg, B. (2008, Mar. 7). E-mail is ruining my life! BBC News. Accessed 3-08.

Laningham, S. (2006, Aug.) developerWorks Interviews: Tim Berners-Lee. developerWorks. Accessed 3-08.

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Friday, March 07, 2008


Instead of doing what I should be doing, preparing a TESOL presentation, I'm digging up and reading old classics.

Lankshear, C. and Knobel, M. (2003). Planning pedagogy for i-mode: From flogging to blogging via wi-fi. IFTE Conference, Melbourne, July. Available Accessed 2-08.

All kinds of things in here, including the two below. Written five years ago (a light-year, in this era)- they foresaw some interesting problems.

Levy, P. (2001). Meta evolution. University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres. Unpublished document. Accessed 3-08.

This guy didn't format or edit much. I guess if you're writing about pure philosophy, who cares? It's interesting- I've been looking for things like this.

Rose, F. (2007, December 20). Secret websites, coded messages: The new world of immersive games. Wired 16.01. Accessed 3-08.

In this one, the leader of a rock band plays a game with the world. A big, online, immersive game. I tried to get my son interested in the possibilities- I am. I don't have a rock band, though. What's interesting is getting massive numbers of people wrapped up in a hide-and-seek kind of charade, just for marketing purposes.

Back to work, I guess...

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