Friday, January 29, 2016

It's all about liability, my wife said, when I asked her about why the university would want me to go through this computer program that essentially showed me about why I had to report Title IX violations. The university wants to make sure that you know you are supposed to do the right thing.

What was complicated was that they set it up on this program that really didn't run too well on all computers; on mine in particular, it seemed to be having some problems (I have a mac laptop that I use for most things). There was a movie and a test. Originally I watched the movie, then, it wouldn't let me take the test. I went back and watched the last 1/3 of the movie again. Still, it wouldn't let me take the test. It got mad at me. I was frozen out of the test.

So I wrote to the guy, and he wrote back. He said, watch the movie, then press such-and-such button, and this is what happens, you go back to the start page and take the test. OK, but that's what I just did. Anyway, I did it again, and it didn't work again. So I wrote him again. It didn't work, I told him. This time he didn't answer.

Wait a couple of months. I thought, if I told them it didn't work, then it's not my problem. This time I get an e-mail saying you have to take the Title IX training. Click these links. I click the links and they both bring up blank screens. I sit there for a while waiting for them to load something, but they don't. Back in the e-mail it tells me I have to log in to my e-raider account. So I do, and click the links again. Still blank screens.

But there is another e-mail address in that e-mail, and I write to her. This time, a day or two later, she writes back and says she's reset my account and now I can take the quiz. Unfortunately I have lost the URL of the original movie. I assume it's on those blank screens somewhere but I can't get to it. I search TTU/Title IX and eventually I find something, but it's very hard to navigate and it's not obvious what to click to just get in, watch the movie, and take the quiz. Finally though I did it, and I watched the movie. And this time, it allowed me to take the quiz, which was difficult, but interesting, and I passed, I even got a hundred.

It seems that if I find out about any kind of sexual discrimination, stalking, harassment, etc. I should report it immediately to the Title IX Coordinator. It's actually not that simple. As I mull it over, I wonder about the kinds of things I've heard over the years that, under these regulations, I should have reported to somebody. Reporting rapes, assaults, harassment, etc. seems obvious; lots of things, you want to pass along in some way or another. But discrimination? Hmm, makes you wonder.

Having passed the test, I'm in an elite group who figured out the technology, and actually did it, without yelling at anyone, tearing up paper in the secretary's face, etc. They want you to do it, just do it, it's like the Illinois Ethics Test, what's the point of questioning the source? It's all about liability. Speaking of Illinois, the main reason I don't go to the doctor is that they don't pay their bills.

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