Friday, December 07, 2007

chat url's- last round

These are very interesting. They are mostly students' hometowns; that was the assignment, but there are a few more things in there that we were talking about. Me having a big mouth and all (even in chat), some have to do with my own relations. Nevertheless, as a member, I get the transcripts (if you want one, be sure to ask, before I throw the whole bundle out)- they are all dated, and I can go get them at any time although the method is complicated and I always forget how.

Once more, my deepest thanks to Tapped In, which is a non-profit organization (as far as I know) committed to getting university groups like ours more involved in using technology. They provided the space; although it was difficult getting in, occasionally (and I really don't know why- something to do with Safari-Mac-interface), for the most part things went well, and we were able to have lively conversations. I'd like to work it out so the assignment is more clear, perhaps more interactive. These things take time, and ruminating.
Hong Kong Dolphinwatch, my brother's business many years back
Chinese site, Royal Ocean World, with pink dolphins (in Chinese)
Royal Ocean World's page on dolphins (in Chinese)
2006 blog & chat survey
Taiwan (Jeremy)
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (Jeremy)
Second Life articles
Seoul, Korea (Hyun Ji)
Three of my sons
Saudi Embassy (Redha)
Dammamm City, Saudi Arabia from Al Murjam tower (Redha)
Taipei City, Taiwan (Carol) - in Chinese
Taipei City, Taiwan (Yalanda) - in English

Note: one last transcript, Thurs. afternoon, was not actually sent to me, for some reason. These last links may be attributed to the wrong people; I'd like to know if they are. I believe that, now, I have it right.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

more chat URL's

I'm really enjoying the class chats, and finding out a little about students' hometowns. I encourage you to linger & talk a little; it's not easy, I'm sure, but it's good for your reading and typing especially. Here are some more hometowns and other links from the chats. Sometimes we get visitors who drop their own links. These are interesting too!
Jeff Dunham YouTube
GoYang City, Korea (ChongMin)
Cool picture of Taiwan
Jiaushi, Taiwan (Corina)
Chinese site; Yilan (Corina)
Yilan, in English (Corina)
Taipei (June)
Chinese tourist site (Qin)
Deforestation in the Amazon- Monga Bay

the other links from last week are here, or scroll down.

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