Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's a new day

I came back from an Easter campout with lungs full of campfire-smoke, but lots is happening back on the home front:

I'm teaching Newstalk, a class based entirely on reality: headlines, news clips, opinions about current events. It involves reading the newspaper carefully and shallowly, but constantly. More on this later.

I'm on my way to San Antonio, where I'll be presenting three things:

The role of the web, along with my partners Charles and Lawrence Kelly, CALL-IS Discussion.

Marketing learning, learning marketing in the new media, kind of a takeoff on the conference's "Teaching learning, learning teaching..."...this is a Program Admin-IS Discussion.

Teaching teachers to use weblogs effectively, CALL-IS Internet Fair.

If you're there, I hope to see you...if not, come look at the sites anyway. You present on the web, you'd better make a site.

The orange and blue of blogger reminds me...Go Illini! The Salukis are out...so are the Hawkeyes...and even the Badgers (I've been doing research on the bombing of the UW and in a twisted way have become a Badger fan!)...Go Michigan State too!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

beat the cowboys!

go SALUKIS....


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

see you in San Antonio

Getting ready for TESOL 2005 in San Antonio. I have always loved TESOL Conventions and this is not likely to change. This year I wrote an article about my experiences there and it was just published this month:

It takes a village
about my experiences in the CALL-IS Electronic Village

published in the CALL-IS Online Journal, which is only available through TESOL membership, unfortunately, but they allow me to put in on my web here, fortunately.

I'll have three presentations in San Antonio (end of March); I'll have webpages for each, and will make them available here when they're finished. Apparently my flight to San Antonio will coincide with a large Army/Air Force celebration in SA; then my flight back to St. Louis will coincide with the NCAA March Madness Final Four, and hopefully one of my favorite teams will be accompanying us back from Texas to take part in it. Go Hawkeyes! Go Salukis!

More later...

Friday, March 11, 2005

051 in the rearview mirror

The weblogs are overflowing with material, whole papers, comments, film criticism. weak points: organization- lots of people put stuff on the wrong weblogs. photos: though some people contributed them, often they were owned by a free service and couldn't remain on the weblog or be captured in any way. time: our undergraduate assistants got crossed by the schedule, and were never really able to spend enough time with students working on or developing weblogs.

Not to put the whole thing down, though. Overall they're fantastic. They show a program at work: writing about Florida, watching movies & doing film criticism, etc. Check 'em out!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

recent articles

all pdf, all published in Global Study Magazine.

  • A question of time (pdf) (2005), Global Study Magazine 3.1, pp. 42-43. London, UK. About the role of grammar questions in the classroom.

  • The road to fluency (pdf) (2004), Global Study Magazine 2.3, pp. 46-47. About what happens to intermediate learners when they start thinking in another language.

  • A midwestern tale (pdf) (2004), Global Study Magazine 2.2, pp. 16-17. About why you all should come visit!