Monday, April 24, 2006

ok, a couple more

These are scary.

My virtual life. (2006, May 1). Business Week online. Accessed 4-06.

Tenner, G. (2006, Mar. 26). Searching for dummies. New York Times (log-in required). Accessed 4-06.

participatory media

Here is an article that tells a little about what I consider the most profound change brought by weblogs:

Among the audience. (2006, Apr. 24)., from the Economist print edition. Accessed 4-06.

It's connected to one I haven't read, but will:

It's the links, stupid. (2006, Apr. 20)., from the Economist print edition. Accessed 4-06.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

want traffic?

hang around this corner...

Keep the Faith


Randy Auxier - with Randall (aka "Grasshopper" Hopper - and open mic between sets
7 PM Saturday April 22
Interfaith Center- Grand & University, Carbondale

Friday, April 14, 2006


As chat carries on, unexpected things happen, and I realize that it's truly another culture. Some come bearing words I've never seen- fluent in way I could only imagine- because it's fluent in a conversational-writing kind of medium that is truly different from the other media we use. I'd like to study it- but actually I've been overloaded just doing my usual stuff, and in my free time pin down the essence of language. Linguists unfortunately may be so busy keeping their field on its shoestring, that they don't have time to study new least I don't. But I'm living in a time when it sure is interesting to see it evolve. And I can also see a community evolve- as people come, talk, use emoticons & abbreviations, etc., according to what works.


Monday, April 03, 2006

apple's for sale

One of my favorite signs...seen often at grocery stores. It proves that the writer has a rule...a rule to the effect that, if there's an s, put an apostrophe in front of it. It could be another rule (maybe he/she is saying: (an) apple (is) for sale - but I doubt it. Lots of yard signs with family names are made- paid for with good money- and the apostrophe is misused. But money spent reinventing the language is money well-spent, I guess. I'm not laughing at people - I swear - I'm just trying to figure it out. I use the blog to get this stuff down because I know it'll come around again.