Thursday, December 15, 2005

guitars between the rivers v2


'nuff said.

plane crashes in garden

a week ago monday night, our graduate student cleared the deck, wiped out the whole cesl web. Accidentally. She's actually a good designer, I like her, & agreed to hire her on again for another term. It's actually an opportunity - to rebuild - to put back only what's good, quality, and belongs there - to take what's my personal stuff and put it elsewhere.

In the meantime, lots of holes - broken picture links, 404's, etc. It's painful. Like walking through a cemetery. But what can you do? I had two very full classes, and am only now beginning to get a handle on what's missing, where it is, how I can get it back, etc. As it turns out, nothing was lost. Just moved.
And it will have to be put back, pixel by pixel!